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Atambua Mercy Home

The 1999 conflict between East Timor and Indonesia forcibly pushed many people into refugee camps.  When the conflict ended, the majority of refugees desired a return to East Timor but many significant barriers and conditions prevented some from doing so.  The children’s plight was especially worrisome.  Little food, lack of clean water, and disease took its toll.  Many children in the camps had either lost their parents in the fighting or had become separated from them.

Atambua Mercy Home started in 2004 with 25 orphans and displaced children. The children who initially joined this family were rescued from the hopelessness and despair of the refugee camp situated on the border of Atambua. They were welcomed to live here, find a new life, and given a chance for a better future.

In 2005 came the memorable transition from rental facility to permanent home.  With God’s help, Mercy Indonesia Foundation was able to build on purchased land. Today, almost ten years later, Atambua Mercy Home is still called “home” by 25 now young adults or teenagers. Some of them are now studying at universities and work; 13 are attending high-school.

The heart of Atambua Mercy Home is its caregivers, Pandry and his wife, Mega Matthew, and Eva, an assistant who cooks and helps care for the children.

The memory of what was powers children and caregiver prayers. They thank God for the many that have helped them. They know it is the generosity of caring and compassionate people that continues to provide them. Would you like to be on their prayer list?