Nelatur Kinship Church Home

The vivid colors of Delhi and magical charm of Bollywood makes India look to outsiders like nation of exciting culture, exotic food, and unending possibilities. These visions, however real and appealing to some, don’t tell the entire story of the nation. Overwhelming poverty on the other side of the spectrum creates an ever-widening gap between the rich and poor. Tumultuous, strained relations with neighboring Pakistan and China, a rising HIV occurrences, and deeply ingrained cultural discrimination make this beautiful nation a challenging place to grow up.

Life in India can be enchanting, exciting, and full of promise. But, for many orphans, life is filled with uncertainty and hopelessness.

The girls in Nelatur Kinship Church Home know a lot about this not-so-glamorous side of India. They’ve experienced the loss of their parents by diseases like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. They’ve been left to care for themselves, struggling to survive as they build lives on their own.

It was incredible blessing for them to become part of our family at Nelatur Kinship Church Home. They were welcomed with open arms. Here, they found hope for a new future and new makeshift family. The other girls are their “sisters” and the caregivers act as parents. Together, they pray, go to local school, play and build new life.

With your help, we can sustain this family. In fact, when you get involved into the Nelatur Kinship Church Home, you will become a part of their long-distance family. You will watch the girls grow, your gifts will absolutely change their lives… and your life, too!